How To Buy A Print For Private Use

Black and white and color prints are available to purchase for private, non-commercial use. That is, you may hang it in your house or office or keep it in a scrapbook. You many not resell the print. You may not publish, including you may not post on any Web site.

 Print size is 10 inches wide by approximately 7 inches high (I print the full, uncropped 35 mm negative).

 Black and white prints are $150 each.

 Color prints are $175 each.

One note: If you are in the photograph (and can convince me of that), I will give you a print under the same conditions are above except the price is only $25 for black and white and color.

How to order:

1. Identify the photographs you want by file number (e.g. 0121.jpg)

2. Contact me either via e-mail at or call me at 703-304-1567.

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How To Buy A Print For Private Use
Art prints for non-commercial use are available here.

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